Nuclear- and astrophysical interpretation of the Ca-Ti-Cr isotopic
anomalies in the inclusion EK 1-4-1 of the Allende-Meteorite
W. Boehmer, K.-L. Kratz, B. Pfeiffer, C. Freiburghaus, T. Rauscher, F.-K.
    in "Nuclear Astrophysics", eds. M. Buballa, W. Noerenberg, J. Wambach, 
    A. Wirzba (GSI, Darmstadt 1998), p. 305.

In the framework of our investigation to explain the nucleosynthetic
origin of the correlated Ca-Ti_cr isotopic anomalies in the refractory
inclusion EK 1-4-1 of the Allende meteorite, beta-decay properties and
deformation of nuclear shape as well as neutron capture cross sections
of neutron-rich isotopes in the N=28 region have been determined. These
nuclear data are important input parameters for dynamic astrophysical
calculations in a complete reaction network. As astrophysical scenario a
high entropy bubble at the outer core of a type II supernova was assumed.
It will be outlined that at certain entropies between 1 and 200 k_B/Baryon 
the observed Ca-Ti-Cr anomalies can be reproduced simultaneously.