Nucleosynthesis at the Proton Drip-Line - A Challenge for Nuclear Physics
H. Schatz, L. Bildsten, J. Goerres, T. Rauscher, F.-K. Thielemann, M. Wiescher;
    in "Intersections of Nuclear and Particle Physics", ed. T.W. Donnelly (AIP,
    New York 1997), p. 987.

The rp-process in X-ray bursts is investigated using a complete and
updated nuclear reaction network from H to Sn that is coupled to a
one-dimensional, one-zone X-ray burst model. In particular we consider
2p-capture reactions that can bridge proton unbound nuclei and therefore
accelerate the reaction flow. This alloes for the first time the
calculation of the actual endpoint of the rp-process. We find that for a
25 s burst the reaction flow reaches already Cd. The consequences for
energy production, final composition of the ashes and fuel consumption
are discussed. In addition, the influence of the current uncertainties
in the nuclear physics data base on the results is investigated and the
parameters for which a future experimental determination is most
desireable are identified.