Curriculum Vitae

By thought I embrace the universal.
— B. Pascal

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An overview of the CV is given below. A more detailed version (including lists of publications and invited talks) is available as PDF download.

Academic Training

Academic Honours

Professional Memberships

Scientific Publications

More than 600 publications with more than 10000 citations; the list of publications including links to preprints is on a separate page.

Main Research Topics

Nuclear Astrophysics;
Stellar, Explosive and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis;
Stellar Evolution;
Nuclear Reactions (Transfer and Fusion Reactions, Radiative Capture, in different reaction mechanisms (compound nucleus [Hauser-Feshbach codes NON-SMOKER, NON-SMOKERWEB, SMARAGD] and direct reactions [DWBA codes TETRA for transfer reactions and TEDCA for direct capture]);
Nuclear Structure.

There is a separate web page concerning my scientific work and results!

Scientific Community Service

Teaching Experience

  • Extensive teaching experience with undergraduate classes and graduate courses on the university level obtained in positions of Adjunct Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor (University of Basel, University of Hertfordshire)
  • Habilitation at the University of Basel, 1998
  • Professional qualification as Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK
  • Numerous invited and contributed talks at conferences, colloquia, and in public outreach
  • Teaching at high school level: elective courses in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the NOVARTIS technical high school, Basel, Switzerland (1997-1999); TecDay workshop for high school students (Liestal, Switzerland, 2009); external supervisor for university qualifying exit examinations (written and oral) in physics and mathematics at the high school of Liestal, Switzerland (since 2000)

For details on taught courses and locations, please see the PDF version of my scientific CV.

Additional Skills

  • Development of Scientific programs, numerical/statistical analysis (Matlab, R, Machine Learning), natural language processing, Data Science
  • System Administration (Unix, Linux)
  • WWW Administration (Webmaster), Apache, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL
  • Programming Languages: FORTRAN, C, C++, Java, MODULA-2, PASCAL, BASIC, Python, ooREXX
  • Additional Training Courses in: Rhetorics (1997), Didactics and methods of presentation and teaching (1997), Conception and planning of media/internet-based teaching (2001), Examination techniques (oral vs. written) (2001), Project management (2002), Media and Science Journalism (2003), Company Start-Up Seminar (2003), Practical Leadership (2004), Internship at a Patent Lawyer’s office (2006)

Career Stages